Yuletide City

December 25, 2013

denver colorado wall art walk in love
Denver colorado 16th street shopping
hanging shiny christmas ornaments
painted piano on 16th street mall denver colorado
Downtown denver christmas decorations
Downtown denver high rise office buildings
Christmas santa figurines
Downtown denver city sidewalk
photo of downtown denver alleyway with old van
photo of side door downtown streets of denver
Photo of city pigeons in Denver Colorado
Photo of piano painted with Starry Nights
Photo of Paramount Cafe sign downtown Denver
Photo of strung lights in downtown denver
Photo of designer shoes
Photo of downtown clock tower denver colorado
Photo of retro robot street performer in Denver
Photo of downtown city rooftops
Photo of shoppers at a city christmas market
Photo of Christmas mugs
Denver City is such a magical little place. The city scape is so unique, with buildings rising high on a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. There's strung lights everywhere, little Christmas markets with an eclectic array of shops. The smell of fresh baked pastries covered in cinnamon hangs in the air, begging me to indulge. Somehow everything out here seems to revolve around art. The bus stations look more like sculptures, there's murals down every alley and fantastic old architecture. There's painted pianos lining the city sidewalk with inviting signs to come and play, not to mention the creative population of street performers. Everything from robots, to contortionists, and some of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard singing for a dollar donation. 
Amongst the giant souvenir stores and office buildings, there's a ton of small businesses. Naturally, I love these little shops. Being in the midwest, there's tons of cowboy boots, turquoise and leather fringe to be found in these little gold mines. It's a mecca for handmade artistry and local talent. To top it all off, Denver has a million food options. There's restaurants here I've never seen anywhere else, be it fast food or fancy dining. It's such an amazing place to wander about, especially during this season when everything is all lit up. That Christmas feeling is so alive in this mile high mountain city.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!
MacK Mars

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