Grandma's House

December 30, 2013

We visited Trevor's Grandparent's while we were out in Colorado. They live in a little place called Larkspur, the drive alone was so beautiful. There was a thick fog rolling in as we made our way into the mountains. We pulled over here and there to take pictures of the landscape and wildlife. The homes in Larkspur were so beautiful, they all looked like real works of art. There was deer wandering around everywhere and patches of snow decorated the grass. We made it to Grandma's house and sat down for a lovely meal just as it began to snow. It was such a beautiful evening spending time with family. Right as were leaving a little fox came trotting up to the back door looking for s snack. Trev's Grandma fed him some leftovers while we snapped a couple photos of him. Larkspur was a pretty magical place!

And Ps..

Hope you're all having a beautiful day!

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