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January 20, 2014

February is fast approaching! There are so many things I love about February. We get to celebrate Trevor's 25th birthday in just a few weeks, the birthstone of February happens to be my most favorite stone, Amethyst. Amethyst was given it's name by the Ancient Greek people, the name comes from the word meaning, "without drunkenness." They believed this vibrant stone could protect it's owner against intoxication and instill a sober mind. In more modern times Amethyst is used to help relieve stress & soothe irritability. It encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst is a healer of the body, mind and soul. We have some gorgeous Amethyst pieces in the shop this year, a perfect gift for any February babies or for Valentines Day!
Of course, Valentines Day is another reason why I love February so much. This year feels extra special, because we are engaged and it's our last Valentine's day before we're married! I feel blessed beyond belief to have found my soul mate. We celebrate our love every day, but Valentine's Day is as good of an excuse as any to indulge a little bit in the love that we have for each other. This holiday that honors love seems so strategically placed on the calendar, just before spring. It feels to me like the first sign of color and light after a long winter and I live for the warm, sunny months. The thought of spring always inspires me, so I made a few special Valentines edition Dream catchers for the shop! They are so bright and fun and full of heart. They are the perfect gift for your special someone, or the perfect little treat for yourself!
Check out the Valentine's Day section in the shop for some February inspiration!
Have a beautiful day
MacK Mars

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