Baby's Breath

February 12, 2014

All dreamcatchers & jewelry pictured above can be found at SoulMakes

Valentines day is in two days and as most of you know there is a SoulMakes wedding on the horizon! I haven't shared much about wedding planning lately, so I thought now would be a good time. In just four short months, I'll be marrying my best friend and partner. Trevor and I have been so blessed to be able to work together running the business. SoulMakes has allowed us to share our creative vision and passion not just with each other, but with the world. We make a great team, balancing each others creatives and intellectual sides perfectly. It's only fitting that our wedding should be the most beautiful art project of our lives! For the last few months we've been working our hands off on various decor projects to adorn the big ceremony and reception. Naturally, there will be tons of  little SoulMakes elements incorporated in every detail! It's going to be handmade from beginning to end, starting with our hand drawn save the dates & invites. I've also made a collection of white dreamcatchers, feather garlands, crochet doilies, and we've even hand sewn white lace curtains to hang at our gorgeous venue. Of course, I'll be layering up in some white leather SoulMakes jewels, along with my bridesmaids and don't forget about the flowers!
Our big day is going to be a very laid back, bohemian affair, so we're keeping the flowers easy. The simplicity and grace of baby's breath and a bit of lavender are the perfect touch of effortless elegance. Over the weekend I got busy with a little practice round of floral arranging. We'll be using my collection of antique glass bottles as vases. Some of them I decorated with white leather, cowrie shells, coins and turquoise, in the classic SoulMakes fashion! I even played around with draping some necklaces and bracelets around the bottle necks. Others I had fun drawing little mandala style designs, using white paint marker. I created little boutineers for the guys using feathers and a  dash of baby's breath. Of course, there will be lots of crystals scattered amongst the flowers too. We're having so much fun planning our wedding!
I am beyond excited to marry the most handsome and brilliant man I've ever known! 
Hope you guys are having a beautiful Valentine week full of love!
MacK Mars
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