February 26, 2014

Photos via pinterest and SoulMakes photography
I find myself drifting off into floral daydreams with a warm, bright sun shining down upon the Earth. It feels like I can't possibly wait any longer for Spring to make it's beautiful arrival. The weather here has been cold and it seems to snow a little everyday. Although the wonder of snow never ceases to amaze me, I'd just as soon not look out my window until the next season. I love that SoulMakes allows me to look ahead a little and enjoy some Springspiration. We've been adding spring items to the shop every week and we're getting ready to shoot our next look book! The next book will be littered with gorgeous flowers and vibrant turquoise gems, it's going to be a springtime day dream. We can't wait to show you what SoulMakes has in store for the coming season!
What's your favorite part of Spring?
Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars
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