White Light

March 3, 2014

Many of you may have gathered by now that white is my favorite color. While some people wait till spring to shift to white and use a lighter pallet, white is my favorite color year round. On the light spectrum, white is seen as mix of all colors. In this way it is quite literally, everything. Wholeness. Completeness. It embodies the rainbow, while lending itself as a seemingly blank canvas. It's really quite a contradiction of a color and that is exactly why I love it. Of course I use a lot of white in SoulMakes designs. White leather, cowrie shells, beads, feathers etc. I especially love to mix it up with creams, ivories and other off whites. These combinations seem to create the perfect easy going, washed ashore look. I love the ease at which you can layer and layer with white. Naturally, I like to wear as much jewelry as I can, and these light neutral tones allow a sort of effortless look, rather than clashing. I adore the way that feathers look against a light pallet, it really creates a soft, ethereal flow and mix in a few turquoise gems to add some intrigue. I love how strikingly vibrant these gems look against braided white leather. We have some gorgeous new pieces in the shop to welcome you into spring with gorgeous white light! Stop by and check them out!
Have a beautiful day!
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