Lovin' Lake Tahoe

June 9, 2014

I'm wearing:
SoulMakes Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets & diamond ring)
Spell Designs skirt + Wolf, Eagle & giant quartz rings
Lux Divine turquoise ring
Sumika festival top
We are loving South Lake Tahoe! We're surrounded by beautiful scenery all day and night and as an added bonus there's tons of Spell stockists out here, so we've done some hard core shopping(got the skirt from an amazing little boutique called fine n funky) It's such a blessing for us to be able to spend this time enjoying our first days of marriage together. The love we share for each other is so special and unique. We've always loved exploring together, going on adventures and enjoying all of God's artwork. In our wedding vows, we promised each other we would always encourage each others passions and share our creativity. This getaway has been such a wonderful opportunity to do just that! 
Have a beautiful day!
MacK Mars
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