Washington, DC - FP ME Edition

July 2, 2014

Photography: SoulMakes
Models: Kathleen, Sara, Katie, MacK Mars
Clothing: Free People  
Jewels: SoulMakes 
You may or may not know, I work a few hours a week at my local Free People store. I've been there for a long time, before SoulMakes was ever a twinkle in my eye and I would be more than happy to work there for the rest of my life ;) Yesterday, some of the girls and I did a little impromptu Fourth of July inspired FP ME shoot. We dressed in our best red, white and blues from the latest at Free People & of course, there was SoulMakes a plenty. Nothing says Americana to me like white tees, high rise denim and a dash of turquoise. We're lucky to live in a place so full of our country's history. Here in DC, we're surrounded by various monuments and museums all built in honor of Land of the Free. We walked around the nation's Capitol in the glow of the heavy sun, carrying with us a vintage flag, the very symbol of that freedom. 
For more FP ME pics from the DC area follow Free People Tysons on instagram!
Hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) Fourth of July!
MacK Mars
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