SoulMakes Wedding Invitations

July 14, 2014

Trevor and I have been married for over a month now, so I thought I would show you our wedding invites. We made and printed them ourselves, of course. We used photographs we had previously taken of our stunning Shenandoah venue as the background for each piece. I hand drew each individual letter, symbol and feather and then we combined the two in photo shop. Luckily for us, being business owners, we had the supplies and resources around the studio to print everything in house, a nice perk!
We wrapped each packet up with a single feather and white twine. We didn't get fancy with the envelopes, just brown kraft envelopes, sealed the old fashioned way.

There were two different types of invitations we sent out. Because of the small size of our wedding venue (seated approximately 40) we sent both ceremony and reception cards to those who would be joining us during our vows. We made a separate reception only card that said "following a private ceremony, please join us at the reception..." to send out to our friends who were welcome to join in on the party afterward, where there was room for more people. Since we didn't have enough time to do an engagement shoot, being the busy jewelry makers that we are, we chose one of our favorite photos from our road trip last summer, during which Trevor proposed. It was a self portrait we took at a rest stop in Kansas somewhere and we thought it embodied us and the vibe of our wedding very well.

We were careful to try and emulate a certain style in the art of the invitations. Since our wedding was a bit "non-traditional" we wanted to give our guests an understanding of what to expect and how they should dress etc. Some folks include a dress code on their invites, but it sure can be hard to fit all that info on one small piece of paper. So we included a website card, that had our wedding website and listed what kinds of additional details you would find there. On the website we did include a dress code, along with a more specific time line of the day and various details about food etc.

There is so much I have to say about wedding planning. Ours was 100% DIY from start to finish, not a single hired hand was involved (except our lovely photographer). From the food, to the decor, the live music to the actual officiating of our marriage, the floral arranging to the electrical equipment, set up and break down. It was all done by Trevor and I, our family and our friends! It certainly felt amazing to to do it in this home grown fashion and to get everybody working together, but there's definitely pros and cons to doing it this way. More on that later :)

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars
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