DIY Flower Garland

March 16, 2015

With spring slowly settling in, I'm incorporating some of the changing season's elements around our home. You may or may not have noticed, I'm pretty obsessed with flowers in general. This little DIY flower garland is super easy and super adorable!
Here's what you'll need
- Fresh flowers (nothing super delicate or large, I used Carnations & Daisies mostly)
String (go with something thicker, like embroidery floss, not thread!)
Small needle
Step One
Trim the flower heads off of their stems
Step Two
Thread you needle into the base of the flower head and all the way though the flower
Step Three
Add more flowers until you're satisfied with the length. You can leave a lot of space in between each flower, or a little or none at all. Whatever you think looks best!
Step Four
The best part! Decorate your home with it!
These garlands look perfect strung up in a window! But there's no shortage of ways to decorate with them. You could string a few over a bed for a nice "head board" look. I totally want to try making one necklace style and wearing it around town like a lei. Hang them across the top of a door way or you could even make a short one to hang from a door knob. I also hung some vertically, in front a window to create a sort of floral curtain (pictured below). For those I used a bead at the end to prevent nay flowers from falling off.
The nice thing is, these garlands will still look beautiful even after the flowers have dried (pictured below)!

Photography & Concept: MacK Mars
All decor pictured: SoulMakes
Now it's your turn, have fun! If you try this DIY, we'd love to see your results on instagram, hashtag #SoulMakes to show us!
MacK Mars
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