Farmgirl Flowers

June 29, 2015

Meet Farmgirl Flowers! A florist out of California, they are changing the way flowers are purchased in the US! They make stunning floral arrangements, with the freshest stems grown in the US, allowing them to support local farmers and business. They make just ONE stunning bouquet a day, using seasonal blooms, minimizing waste, it's the Farmgirl way - buy and use what's fresh that day, and let the flowers enjoy time with you instead of the garbage man. 
Here at SoulMakes we love all flowers! You may have heard that SoulMakes has a brand new home town, Charleston SC. Amidst all the chaos that comes with moving, we received a breathtaking arrangement of peonies, lisianthus, roses and more! All tucked perfectly into a hand tied burlap wrap, it sure made the new studio feel cozy! Opening the box from Farmgirl to reveal this gorgeous collection of stems gave me a huge dose of gratitude and instantly made our new place feel a little more like home! I could definitely feel the love that went into designing this bouquet, not to mention, they looked perfect sitting in the studio with some SoulMakes Rock Salt Candles and Rose Quartz Crystals! 
Be sure to check out Farmgirl on instagram @farmgirlflowers and stop by their website to order a fresh bouquet for yourself!
Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars
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