The Washout

July 29, 2015

Here at the washout the coast is quiet. The waves roar away, but the shore is calm and cool. Wirey old trees, weathered by storms, hang around amidst tangled up palms. Morning Glory flowers weave across the sand. Off in the distance the light house stands tall. There's something so peaceful in the air here, carried by the breeze, fluttering through my hair and flowing all around me. A perfect stage to inspire my creative instincts, collecting shells and driftwood, hanging my jewels on waterlogged branches and posing for the occasional picture. What a beautiful place to call home!

I'm wearing:
Dylana Necklace + Sundial Necklace + Mountain Mama Necklace by SoulMakes
All Bracelets by SoulMakes
Vintage Concho Belt
Crochet Top from Urban Outfitters
Skirt from Raga

MacK Mars
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