That Summer Feeling

August 10, 2015

We're no longer living under the rule of unrelenting seasons. Admittedly, these photos were taken in Virginia, on a lovely family getaway. But we're from South Carolina now. I've fallen deeply in love with the low country. The palm trees lining every street, dotting the shores of the beaches. Tangled spanish moss hanging from long reaching branches of oak canopies that seem to just hover above you in the sky. And the beach, of course, the beach. Otherwise known as my church. My sacred temple. The place where I feel small and humble in the light of my Creator's great artwork.

It's true, we have no clue yet what the fall and winter seasons have in store for us. We've heard mixed reviews from the long-time locals. But one thing is for sure, we can toss out our snow shovels and ice scrapers for good! Even when the temperature begins to dip, which is still a long way off, we'll be surrounded by a different kind of ever green - palmettos forever. So no matter the weather, we're living in a seemingly endless summer, surrounded by the ever boundless scenery of oceanside living! This move is by far one of the best life decisions we've ever made. Every part of my soul has long been drawn to the water, the salty air and the tropical heat. I never thought I'd actually get to live out that dream, but I also never imagined I'd own a successful business or marry the most wonderful man on the planet. I'm officially living happily ever after.

SoulMakes has always been a brand inspired by the beach and freedom that comes with summer time. With our studio's new surrounding area, we're surrendering entirely to the summer season. Which means you can expect to see lot's more shells in our designs and even more creations made with surfside vibes. So maybe you're one of the lucky ones too, living the coastal life and maybe you're somewhere else, in some other magical place dreaming of a tropical getaway. Either way, go with the flow, follow us through the currents of the vast and beautiful ocean. Become a beach gypsy, layer up in SoulMakes jewels, let you're hair get tangled up in the breeze! Who says you can't have that summer feeling year round?

I'm wearing:
All Jewelry by SoulMakes
Beach Blanket by SoulMakes
Bikini by L*Space (from my new fav local shop Las Olas)
Sunnies from Free People

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