Morning Glory

August 24, 2015

By now you've probably gathered, SoulMakes has moved to the beach. We are soaking in every bit of sunshine and saltwater that comes with coastal living. And alongside that, of course, tons of inspiration! Every Sunday we wake up early as can be and trek out to the beach to watch the sun come up, we call this little routine "going to church." We watch as our Creator paints the sky with beautiful blues, purples, oranges and pinks! Slowly, the light leaks onto the earth again, revealing new secrets on the sand. Morning glory webs out across the shore, the sand sparkles ever so subtly and we discover new flowers we haven't yet seen growing amongst the palms. And finally as the sun peeks above the horizon, the waves begin to glow. It's a magnificent show that I don't believe I'll ever tire of watching. Also, I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to leave my camera at home!

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MacK Mars
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