October Flowers

October 16, 2015

This is the first time I've ever enjoyed October so thoroughly. Temperatures in the low country are still high in the eighties and sometimes nineties, dipping lower into the sixties and seventies in the mornings and evenings. There's a cool breeze here and there, the sun is shining high and some leaves are falling. But the feeling of summer remains steady. Each week seems to offer new and colorful blooms, especially along the beaches. Bright yellow tangles of wildflowers roll alongside the roads, while butterflies float from stem to stem. I've never seen flowers bloom in October. Normally, where we're from, this time of year is chilly and all the color in nature seems to slowly evaporate. It was always enjoyable at first, the change of seasons offered something different than the weeks before. But for me, those cold fall seasons up north quickly turned dark and bitter. So, you can imagine how wonderful it is for a summer soul like myself to be in this magical place, enjoying the extended sunny season. I spend my days off outside, wandering the islands, sometimes walking for hours on end and observing all the life around me. I'm especially taken with the local plant life, I can't seem to get over the way the palm trees mingle with cactus, amongst wildflowers and tall agave plants.. and all this, just steps away from the ocean!

Happy weekend!
MacK Mars
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