Surprise Dessert

August 26, 2013

Over the weekend I got together with three of my closest friends to ask them a very special question! One of the gals knew exactly what was going on as soon as I invited her and she immediately offered to host and cook at her place. So sweet, she cooked a delicious salmon and side dish called Maquechoux (mock shoe), made with asparagus, corn and yummy seasoning. It was an anything-goes, wear your favorite dress kind of night! I wore a beautiful new dress from free people and SoulMakes Jewelry. I adore the way turquoise looks on a white dress! It was an amazing meal, with a "surprise" dessert. I picked up a special cake that read "will you be my bridesmaids?" They all said yes! I am so excited to include these lovely, inspirational women in our special day!
I'm feeling so blessed and loved!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend
MacK Mars

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