Save The Date

August 22, 2013

I drew out a few different designs before we settled on this little dream catcher. After I drew up a solid design, I mixed up some purple paint and splattered it onto canvas paper. Trev melded the two using his super savvy tech skills. I love when we get to do collaborations like this, obviously this is the ultimate collaboration. This beauty is just the first draft, we need to add some details, like where & when(we have already picked a date!) but I think it captures us pretty well and the essence of what we hope our big day will be; a very bohemian affair. Our gorgeous venue will undoubtedly be decorated with SoulMakes dream catchers, lots of white lace, ribbon, and feathers. We're loving the idea of simplicity, it can be so elegant and I'm dreaming of walking down the isle holding a lovely bunch of lavender. We're having so much fun planning our special day!
Hope you guys are having a beautiful week!
MacK Mars

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