Lavender DIY(sort of)

July 23, 2013

All you need is:
Some old cans and bottles (I have quite the collection)
Raffia ribbon, dried moss (I got mine from Michael's)
Lavender bunch (Trader Joe's)
So I didn't take step by step pics (kudos all you DIYers out there), because the steps are really pretty simple. Tie raffia ribbon around cans & bottles, I just used a simple knot. Then trim the lavender to the desired height (I also added some white flowers) and place the floral bunch in different kinds of vases. I hot glued the dried moss to the side of one of the cans, to give the appearance of over flowering greenery.
We got a little creative and hung them from the ceiling. We just punched holes on either side of the cans and used transite line (fishing line) to hang them, the clear string made it look like they were suspended in mid air, defying gravity.
I've been collecting old glass bottles for a while and I recently started to collect cans as well, in preparation for our wedding decor. I've been dreaming of all different types of white flowers, mixed with lavender for our big day! I stumbled across a lavender bunch at the store, so naturally I brought it home to play around with. I love the simplicity that lavender offers. Not to mention the soothing and calming smell. Lavender symbolizes the first emotion of love in the language of flowers. It has often been gifted as a promise of new adventure and it expresses devotion and purity. Lavender is the color of grace, elegance and uniqueness. It completely personifies romance, a perfect flower to celebrate our love. I imagine beautiful and delicate little bouquets lining the tables during our receptions, so magical.
I hope this inspires you all to to get some flowers and turn some common household items into vases!
Have a beautiful day!
MacK Mars

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