Ocean Breeze

September 10, 2013

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(My big brother, it was his birthday!)
Every year, just after the season unofficially ends, my friends and I head to Ocean City, MD for one last relaxing vacation. I love this time of year at the beach, it's not too crowded and it's not too hot. The weather is just right, warm afternoons and cool evenings with a perfect ocean breeze. This year I was only able to stay for one night, but I kept up my tradition of waking up early to watch the sunrise. The sky was a bit overcast and the sun didn't show itself through the clouds, but it was a beautiful morning nonetheless. I love watching the sky light up as the coast turns form night to day, it is truly some of Gods most beautiful artwork.  The water was calm and smooth, with a few perfectly rounded off waves and the feeling of serenity washed over me. It was a wonderful weekend trip, spent with amazing people. The perfect way to end summer!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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